Physical therapy & sports medicine services at VitaFit

Welcome to the Vita Fit Massage and Therapy Center at VilaVita Panonnia in Burgenland! 

In addition to wellness services, we also offer medical and therapeutic services and discuss issues related to sports medicine. 

This brochure (PDF)  provides a clear overview of our medical and physical therapy services. 

We are pleased to welcome you at our center. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. 

Dr. med. Ramin Ilbeygui 
VitaFit Medical Director
VILA VITA Pannonia****

Services Price List

Medical treatment Prices in €
Ultrasound therapy (10 min.) 20.00
Laser pain therapy (10 min.) 20.00
Taping (10 min.) 20.00
Massage-table (15 min.) 30.00
Moor/Munari/Clay packages (30 min.) 35.00
Paraffin hand baths (30 min.) 30.00
Ear candles, both sides (30 min.) 30.00
Omnitron-Magnet-Impuls-Therapy (30 min.) 70.00

Overview of physical therapy and sports medicine services