Energy Center

In 2010, we have added another highlight to our holiday village by creating the new 'Anneliese Pohl Energy Center'. This showcase project was established for a multitude of reasons.

Among these, our ecological conscience played a major role as we aim to preserve the environment for our future generations.

This new ‘Energy Center' provides 85% of the resort's thermal energy needs while reducing our CO2 emissions by 797t per year.


Österreichisches UmweltzeichenIn 2009 we were awarded the 'Austrian Environmental Label for Tourism'. On September,23rd 2010, the Environment ministry honored our achievements for the protection of our environment once more with the 'klima:aktiv mobil' award.

Energy Park

Experience the solar power at our Energy Park. The solar dial measures the electricity output of sunlight. The better the exposure of the solar cell to the sunlight, the higher the electricity generation.

With a burning glass, sunrays are concentrated by a revolving convex lens. Combustible materials can be ignited.

The sundial – the oldest device used to measure time – invites visitors to cast a shadow themselves.

At our ‘Energy Center’, you can feel and experience energy first hand. Take a moment for a short visit.

Energy Room

Unlike the holiday village - which has been lavishly decorated with special attention to detail and cozyness – the Energy Room has a stylish, modern and linear design. The view over the Energy Adventure Park and specific colorful features turn any convention into an avantgarde experience.

The sun terrace at the back of the building is exclusively reserved for conference attendees. This is also an ideal location for teamwork sessions throughout your seminars.

Panorama Lounge

Situated 83 feet above the ground, the Panorama Lounge is a modern bar and lounge offering a superb spot to view the surrounding national park. The cool and stylish setting invites to enjoy the stunning views while savoring excellent local wines.


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